Portion of the network visualization graph of places and cantos in the Divine Comedy

Network Graph


Click here or on the picture below to load a graph that visualizes the connections between places and cantos in Dante’s Comedy.
N.B. The graph is not optimized for mobile devices.

How to read the graph

Link to network visualization graph of places and cantos in Dante's ComedyThe network is based on the dataset compiled for the digital map. It constructed on nodes and edges.

Blue nodes are all the geographical item mentioned in the Comedy (see their list).
Red nodes are the cantos of the Inferno.
Green nodes are the cantos of the Purgatorio.
Yellow nodes are the cantos of the Paradiso.

When a place is mentioned in a canto, a line (edge) connects their nodes. The more the mentions of the same place in the same canto, the thicker the edge). The color of each edge depends on the cantica of its canto node. The more connections a node has, the bigger its size.

By hovering the cursor of the mouse on a node, you can highlight its name and connections.
When you click on the node, an information pane pops up on the right, with the list of all the nodes connected.

You can also search nodes by name (e.g. “Tuscany”, “Athens”, “Inferno 9”, “Paradiso 6”). With the Group Selector function you can highlight  highlight one of four large groups in the network (places, Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso).