Commedia: Text


Here you can read the Italian text of the 100 cantos of Dante’s Comedy. At the beginning of each canto you can find a list of places mentioned: click on a name to go to the passage where it appears (highlighted in boldface).

You can reach the same passages also from the pop-ups in the digital map. Just click on the “Link to Canto” entry.

Sandro Botticelli, Map of Dante's Hell, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana. The links leads to the text of the Inferno.
William Blake, Beatrice Addressing Dante from the Car, 1824-27, London, Tate Collection. The links leads to the text of the Purgatorio.
Paradiso - Dante and Beatrice ascending to the Heaven of the Sun, 1444-c.1450, Yates Thompson MS 36, London, British Library. The links leads to the text of the Paradiso.